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South KC General Club Information

*number of tournament dates (tournaments are one or two-day tournaments on the weekends between January and March or April).  One-day tournaments count as one tournament date, 2-day tournaments count as 2 tournament dates. We do between 9 and 11 tournament dates typically.

*We  play local tournaments.   However we will do one out-of-town tournament for some teams 14 and up (generally).  Driving distance from KC about 3 hours. Branson, Springfield, Mo, Wichita, Ks, etc.  Our region is very competitive so there's no need to travel great distances to play!

*We practice twice a week at New Century Fieldhouse in Gardner, KS. 2 -2 hr practices beginning in November.  Most teams will practice from 4-6:00pm. A few teams will practice from 6:30-8:30pm. Days of practice will be either Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs.  The days and times will be determined by mid-Summer. In the off-season we offer Spring, Summer and Fall Academies for our players and others to keep improving their Volleyball skills.

*We have Premier and Select teams in the Club.  We want to be competitive in whatever division we place our teams. If we feel a team is  ready we will do Premier level.  If we feel a team is a better fit at the Select level that is where we want them to be.    

SKC has qualified coaches and a fun and competitive atmosphere! We look forward to working with our players and their families.

See you soon!

Loretta Schwenk/Director-Owner



South KC is a Gold Standard Club!

The Gold Standard is intended to help foster a greater sense of purpose and acknowledgement of the importance of families and their respective players to the Heart of America USA Volleyball region, and clubs participating in the HOA sanctioned competition.

The program is designed to facilitate a process that clubs “voluntarily” commit to participate in, during the regularly scheduled junior club volleyball season. Those clubs meeting the standards outlined below are recognized as a “Gold Standard Club” and must demonstrate to the best of their ability to their adherence to the program requirements.

  1. All coaches, players, and administrators of the club must be registered and in good standing within the region as an HOA USAV member.
  2. All Officiating requirements with particular reference to certification of players, coaches, administrators and select parents for the club must be completed by January 1, 2018. This is to ensure the club is well versed in managing a match at tournaments that begin the season in January.
  3. All adult members (including administrators and parent members) of the club must complete their participation in the “USAV Safe Sport Program” by January 1, 2017. Recognizing that all clubs (gold or otherwise) must fulfill its obligation to be properly registered within the region it’s important that the Gold standard clubs emphasize the significance of the Safe Sport program to the players, coaches, administrators and parents.
  4. Gold standard level clubs will conduct an orientation session for all coaches, players and parents regarding code of conduct throughout the season. It is highly encouraged that clubs refer individuals to orient themselves to the code of behavior outlined on the HOA website. Alternatively a reference from the club director to all participants on code of conduct behavior would be an affirmation of the commitment to this standard.
  5. Gold standard clubs will conduct a reminder system to all players, parents and coaches of the gold standard requirements twice during the season to ensure full awareness and adherence to the expectations set out herein.
  6. Gold standard clubs must maintain specific participation requirements as follows:
    1. The club must maintain a minimum of 40 members to ensure that the intent of the program is to help facilitate those large clubs in the region commitment to the Gold Standard objectives;
    2. The club must have a 50% retention from the 2016 to the 2017 season to for both, players signed up with the club, and coaches within the club
    3. The club must have been in existence for at least 2 seasons or more.